We are delighted that you are considering bringing a team to Peru to serve with us. The Lord knows we can certainly use the help!  To get the ball rolling, please submit the following application and we will respond to you very soon with helpful information. And don't forget to read the helpful comments, below, from others who have sent teams!

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Q: Yuri, Calvary Chapel Downey has been coming down to work with this ministry for many years. Tell us how the Lord has led you:

A: When we arrived in Peru with our first team in 2000, we realized that the Lord was going to use our church body to continue to make the Gospel known – we have returned every year since then. Recently we have experienced a movement within the Spanish ministry to get involved in traveling to Peru . We are looking forward with great anticipation to the January 2008 outreach…and the Youth Summer of Mission’s team.

Q: Is it difficult to put together a team?

A: Our returning team members are the best recruiters… they pass on the report of what they have experienced and many show interest in joining the Peru team. We also showcase the Peru mission trip during the annual missions conference here at church – many sign-up to receive additional information.

Q: Can you tell us how your missions trip effected those on your team?

A: My son Andrew was empowered to share his faith while in Peru . A life defining moment for me was when I translated for my son as he led a young Peruvian boy to the Lord – wow! Just thinking back on that day makes me want to return right now. My son was changed during that trip – he understands that there is a great hunger for the truth.
— Yuri Escandon