1. How do I apply to study at Calvary Chapel Bible College Peru?

It’s easy! Just click the below Apply, fill out the online application, and press send!



2. What does a typical daily schedule look like?

7:15 AM Breakfast
8:45 AM Chapel
9:30 AM - 12:30 PM Morning Class
1 PM Lunch
2 - 4 PM M199
6 PM Dinner (5:30 PM on Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays)
7 PM Evening Ministries (Tues.: English Night, Wed.: Mid Week Service etc.)
10 PM Everyone must be on campus
10:45 PM Everyone in their dorms (11:45 PM on Friday and Saturday nights)

During afternoon classes you will have M199 in the mornings, class in afternoon.


3. How are the classes organized?

At CCBC Peru we typically offer block classes, rather than the more traditional weekly style.  This means that you will attend class for three hours each day, Monday through Friday. If your class is two credits, it will last two weeks; three credit classes will take three weeks.  Please view the Admissions - Academics page for our upcoming class schedules.


4. How much time will I spend in service while attending CCBC Peru?

Every student will be required to work 8 hours per week on campus.  This is required for graduation and we refer to these work hours as M199 hours.  On top of these required hours, it is expected that all students will be a committed part of at least one ministry with the local church.  These ministries may include teaching English on Tuesday nights, cleaning the church prior to services, teaching in children's ministry or many others.


5. How big is the campus, and how many people attend in a typical semester?

We have a beautiful campus in the Andes Mountains that is nearing completion.  We are still however, under construction.  In any given semester we may have anywhere from 20-50 students, coming from many different countries around the world. 


6. What is the Peruvian culture like?  What is the culture on campus?

To be answered soon! :-)


7. What is the food like on campus? What foods are available to purchase in town?

Peruvian food typically consists of chicken, rice and potatoes of one variety or another.  On campus we will also eat things such as breaded fish, spaghetti, aji de gallina, lomo saltado, as well as other local dishes.  On Tuesday and Wednesday nights we try to do quick dinners due to the ministries opportunities on those nights, we eat things such as shredded chicken sandwiches, sloppy Joes and hotdogs.

In town, you can find a greater variety of foods, but likely not the things that you are accustomed to eating at home.  Many students bring spices and hot sauces with them due to the lack of availability here in Cajamarca.  Another thing that many students may bring along is their chocolate stash, American candy bars are available, but can be expensive.  Chocolate chips are extremely difficult to find locally, and bringing a bag to share to turn into cookies on a special occasion is a blessing for everyone! ;-)

P.S. - We DO have a Starbucks in town. :-)


8. Where can I wash my clothes?  Will there be washers and dryers available to me?

There are washers and dryers in the men's and women's dorms for your convenience.  These machines are on the fragile side and require smaller loads than you may be accustomed to.  Please, never over pack the washer or dryer.  This can cause the machines to break and leave students to hand wash their clothing. Washing costs s/. 3.50 (aprox. $1) per load and drying is likewise s/. 3.50 per load. However, drying lines are available to the students and you are more than welcome to hang dry free of charge.


9. How much personal space will I have in my room?  How much space is allotted for my clothes etc?

To be answered soon! :-)


Please also check out our "Challenges" section listed under the "About" tab of our website for further information.

If you have any specific questions about what it is like to live in Cajamarca, and our campus, please feel free to e-mail bueschersinperu@gmail.com :-)