tHIS PROGRAM ALLOWS STUDENTS To travel throughout Peru, IN THE jungle, COAST, AND THE Andes Mountains for 6 weeks.



YSOM was an incredible experience for me; as an intern I grew and learned so much about walking in the Spirit and how personal time with the Lord every day is vital. I also learned so much about missions practically: from organization to active ministry the Lord needs to be the center of it all. We had a great group of leaders and students who were unified for the sake of the gospel which was evident as we learned to work together. YSOM is an amazing experience that begins to teach some of the spiritual and practical realities of the mission field in a 6 week program.
— Racquell Ochoa, YSOM 2017


For six weeks each summer, CCBC Peru opens its doors to high school juniors, seniors and recently high school graduates to get their feet wet in missions ministry.  After a week-long "boot camp" in Cajamarca, students are sent on a missionary adventure to Peru's jungle, Andean highlands, coastal deserts, and inner cities, to work with Calvary Chapels already established. These missionary teams learn the basics of Spanish, enjoy the native food and culture of Peru, while acquiring ministry tools such as: conversational evangelism, VBS preparation, Inductive Bible Study method, balloon making, face painting, puppeteering, and evangelistic theatre/music, and more! 

Students must be willing to travel, work hard, sweat, eat anything, serve, and respect the college's strict curfew and no dating policy.   Applications are now being accepted for the next YSOM scheduled to begin June 22nd, 2018.






YSOM was an awesome experience that taught me a lot about missions and the work that God is doing around South America. I really enjoy traveling all around both Peru and Ecuador, and doing Ministry in both countries. Even though traveling from town to town was not super easy, it taught me how missionary life really was, and how to be flexible. I recommend YSOM to anyone interested in missions or anyone that wants to deepen their relationship with God.
— Elliot Stoltzfus, YSOM 2017

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