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For six weeks, from June 19th through July 30th, 2019 CCBC Peru opens its doors to high school juniors, seniors and recent high school graduates to get their feet wet in missions ministry! After a week-long "boot camp" in Cajamarca, students are sent on a missionary adventure to several Cavary Chapel church plants in Ecuador and northen Peru.

These missionary teams learn the basics of Spanish, enjoy native food and culture of Peru, while acquiring ministry tools such as: conversational evangelism, VBS preparation, Bible Class, balloon making, face painting, puppeteering, evangelistic theatre/music, and more!

This year we have chosen to work along side Calvary Chapel Cuenca in Ecuador’s mountain community, and work our way south assisting sister churches in the coastal citys of: Trujillo and Huacho, as well as the mountin community of Cajabamba. We will start and end our missionary adventure in Peru’s capital Lima.

Students must be willing to travel, work hard, sweat, eat anything, serve anyone, and respect the college's strict curfew and no dating policy. In doing it so we assure you will enjoy blessings from the Lord evrywhere you go!

Applications are now being accepted for the next YSOM scheduled to begin June 19th, 2019.




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YSOM was the best summer of my life so far. For me, it was a time of joy, stretching, laughs, growth and personal restoration. It had its challenges but the Lord saw me through all of it. He gave me close friendships with people who were likeminded. He helped me to understand the importance of dying to myself and carrying my cross. He showed me the beauty of community. He taught me compassion for those who are lost and hurting, and He really showed me how to see life, and people, through His eyes. For me, YSOM was a major turning point in my life. I can say with full confidence, I would not be who I am today without having experienced it.
— Annie McGrath, YSOM 2016


I loved my YSOM experience. Those 6 weeks truly changed my life. My team travelled all over Peru, doing every kind of ministry imaginable. Lots of evangelism and outreaches, playing with kids, cleaning, painting, cooking...whatever was needed at the moment! I was put in a lot of new (often uncomfortable) situations that stretched me and taught me to prefer others over myself, and I got to know God in a very personal way that I had never experienced before. YSOM is something I recommend to any young person looking to deepen their walk with God.
— Heather Templeton, YSOM 2008