I was so blessed to be in Peru, it was mind blowing! I fell in love with the people there. The food was incredible, the weather and scenery were breathtaking. Pray about bringing the whole family!
— Pastor Tommy Ruiz, Director, CCBC Okinawa, Japan
If a person thinks he has a calling to be a missionary, CCBC Peru is an excellent place to attend. I worked with needy children who lived in orphanages. I participated in skits which we performed in at least a dozen places within two weeks. I also went along the Amazon River and was asked to teach the Word of God to the people who live in the jungle. It was an excellent experience to be accepted into the huts of extremely poor people who are in love with Jesus. Just one semester in Peru has brought about drastic, positive changes in my life; this is a place to really experience what it is like to be a missionary.
— David Gillott, Student, Fall 2010
Studying at CCBC Peru has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I have learned so much about the Lord from my time at CCBC Peru. I’ve grown here in ways that I never have before. I now have so much more joy in my relationship with the Lord. Because of the time I’ve spent in Peru the Lord has become my delight. I encourage you, if you want to learn how to love others, come to Peru. If you want to learn how to trust God come to Peru. If you want to see God at work come to Peru. If you feel the Lord is calling you to come, do not hesitate to come to Peru! Be open to the culture and the people and watch as the Lord changes you from the inside out.
If you don’t know how to speak Spanish then you’re just like I was. I can attest that God is not limited by our inabilities! Just be willing to be used.
— Samuel Buescher, Student, Fall 2010
The time spent at CCBC Peru has transformed the direction of my life forever. I went to Peru knowing that the Lord had much to teach me and grow me in. Even though I have been a Christian for a while, I never truly knew what it meant to live by faith. The Lord used my time in Peru to begin to teach me how to live by faith and trust in Him. At CCBC Peru, I was challenged spiritually in ways that I had never been challenged before. I was forced to figure out who God really is and to not rely upon my own opinions or to rely on the opinions of others. Rather, to rely upon the Truth found in the Word of God. My love and hunger for the Word of God was rekindled in this semester of Bible College. The Lord revealed Himself to me in new ways through His Word each and every day. Also, Peru is a beautiful country filled with an amazing culture and people. A piece of my heart will always be left with my new family that I have discovered in Peru. I will forever cherish and value the lessons and memories that I took away from my semester spent at CCBC Peru.
— Amanda Picart, Student, Fall 2010
The semester I spent studying at CCBC Peru was very impacting for me. I was able to see firsthand what it is like to live on the mission field and see how the Body of Christ is alive and growing in another part of the world. The language barrier was tough for me, but not impossible and the Peruvian staff was patient and encouraging. I would highly suggest CCBC Peru to anyone. The lessons I learned there were invaluable and it truly gave me a heart for the missionaries and people who serve there.
— Molly Kruzel, Student, Fall 2010
As a third semester Bible college student, I attended CCBC Lima, Peru for the time and it was a life changing experience. During my time there I was able to dig into the Word of God and learn more about the person of Jesus Christ like never before with people who wanted to do the same. I also had the opportunity to share the Word of God on missions trip to the Peruvians in Lima and other cities. It was a beautiful time there and I came home knowing and trusting more in Jesus and believing that faith came by the Word of God (Rom. 10:17).
— Rosalie Baer, Student, Fall 2010
This campus is worth considering; one of the best undergraduate biblical programs around!!!
— Nick Keehaus