We are so happy that you are considering study here at Calvary Chapel Bible College, Peru.  Our supreme desire is to honor Jesus by fulfilling His Great Commission: to make disciples of all nations, baptizing them and teaching them to guard all that He has commanded (Matthew 28:19)  We hope that you might discover your spiritual gifts here at CCBC Peru, and that you would find your calling in His ministry.  Perhaps you will continue as a missionary to Latin America after your graduation! 


Your time of study at Calvary Chapel Bible College Peru will be an unforgettable experience that will surely spur you on to personal growth and maturity in your relationship with Jesus.  Studying here will be both rewarding and challenging.  Expect to be broken. Remember, you are on the mission field, battling on the front-lines.  You will experience spiritual warfare, and you must be on your toes discerning who the true enemy is. 


Living on the mission field, out of your comfort zone, in tight quarters with dozens of other sinners can be stressful and will try your patience and certainly produce many trials.  To keep problems to a minimum, we have designed the following guidelines to help make your Peru experience the most enjoyable for you and for your new international family.




CCBC-Peru Staff Responsibilities 


John Bonner, Campus Director, Instructor

Pilar Bonner, Accounting, Finances

Raul Cervera, Campus Administrator

Natalie Kayser, Dean of Women, Instructor

Matt Carver, Dean of Men, Instructor

Ivy Carver, Registrar, Academic Advisor

Betty Cervera, Kitchen Supervisor

Ted Howse, Maintenance, M-199 Supervisor

Rose Howse, M199 Supervisor and Laundry









1.1 Program  Students who finish all four semesters (80 credits with CCBC) are eligible for a diploma. The following are examples of core and elective classes. 


Required Core Classes:          Elective Class Examples:


Genesis                                    Exodus   

Gospel                                      Joshua

Acts                                          Live of David 

Romans                                   Pastoral Epistles

Revelation                               Galatians


Required Electives:




1.1 Tardiness  Part of your academics evaluation for each of your classes consists of your attendance record.  It is important to arrive to class on time, and to participate in every minute of the teaching time--no leaving early, and please do not extend the break times.  You will be marked tardy for arriving late, two minutes after the start of class; three tardy marks equal one absence, and three absences means failure of the course.


1.2  Absences  The class instructor is not allowed to give a passing grade to any student who has three or more absences.  Only extreme illness and certain emergencies will be considered, and the student will have to make up the class with extra assignments (we do not record our classes).  It is the student´s responsibility to ask the teacher for the make up work.  Neither ministry opportunities nor visits from out-of-town family or guests will be considered as an excused absence.




1.3  Grades  Our courses adhere to a typical grading scale:

                                                                                          A = 90–100          (exceptional)

          A =  90 – 100 %                    B = 80–89      (above average)

          B =  80 – 89 %

          C =  70 – 79 %

          D =  60 – 69 %

          F  =  0 – 59 %                    C = 70–79      (average)


This means that merely fulfilling the minimum requirements will not guarantee that a student merits an A. If a student wishes to earn an A then he/she must go above and beyond the minimum requirements to achieve an “exceptional” grade. Failure to turn in any assignment will result in a zero for that assignment. Assignments turned in late will be reduced by one full letter grade for each day they are late.


1.4  Certificate of Completion  Calvary Chapel Bible College-Peru issues a certificate for students having completed 80 credits of study through the Peruvian CCBC campus.  This campus strives to maintain the quality of instruction and academic excellence found at all Calvary Chapel Bible College campuses throughout the world.   


1.5  Bachelor or Associates Degree  Calvary Chapel Bible College has chosen not to seek accreditation that we may remain free from outside control and open to the direction of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit.


Calvary Chapel Bible College, Murrieta, California is an independent, religious-exempt institution that is allowed to grant degrees in Biblical Studies and Ministry by the Council for Private Post Secondary and Vocational Education.  Though unaccredited, many other Bible colleges will accept credit from Calvary Chapel Bible College, Murrieta. Transfer students to, or from, Calvary Chapel Bible College’s main campus in Murrieta, California may participate in that campus’ State Certified degree program having fulfilled one quarter (20 credits) of their graduation requirements through the Murrieta campus, and by paying a $20 processing fee to that campus.  Please notify the CCBC registrar by the end of the second week of the semester if you plan to take a semester through Murrieta and need your files transferred. 


Most CCBC-Peru credits are honored through Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe’s degree program.



1.6 Classroom  Cell phones, MP3 or sound devices, games, crocheting, Skype or chatting from your laptop are not allowed during class time.  Food is not allowed in the classroom, but feel free to bring a bottle of water.





2.1 Curfew  All students are expected to be on campus by 9:30 p.m. Sunday - Thursday, and 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday evenings.  The facilities director will lock-down the facilities at the above indicated times.  If, for any reason, you must be out later, please clear this with the facilities director prior to leaving the facilities


2.2  Light’s Out!  The “respect” that we show each other is very important and we want to help you mature and to be considerate to others; some are night owls, but others enjoy going to bed early.  For this reason, everyone is expected to be in their dorms at 10:15 nightly and lights out by 10:30 pm Sunday through Thursday.  Friday and Saturday nights you must be in your dorms by 11:45 and have lights out at 12:00 am.


Sunday – Thursday:

Be on campus = 9:30 pm

Be in your dorms = 10:15 pm

Lights out = 10:30 pm


Friday – Saturday:

Be on campus= 10:00 pm

Be in your dorms = 11:45 pm

Lights out = 12:00 am


In consideration of others, please refrain from setting alarms prior to 5 a.m.  Everyone should be out-of-bed by 5:45 a.m. for Club Sudor.


2.3  Secular Movies and Music  We hope that each student will take advantage of the Bible College’s wholesome environment to grow and mature, leaving worldly influences behind.  Please do not sin by purchasing pirated DVDs that are so easily available in Peru.  This form of corruption is very tempting, but we must say no to this form of thievery.  If you would like to watch a non Christian movie, please approve it with a CCBC Peru staff member.


2.4  Internet Usage   Using the Internet at CCBC is a privilege which comes with great responsibility. Internet privilege will be taken away, and possible expulsion, if inappropriate sites are visited, or if music or movies are being downloaded to your computer.  


2.5  Dorm Cleaning  In considering others, please keep your living quarters clean and presentable.  Beds are to be made daily, and be sure to clean up after yourself in the bathroom. Food is NOT allowed in the dorms. Every Monday, the men’s and women’s dorms will be thoroughly inspected  at 6:00 pm.  Bible college leadership reserves the right to, and will, make unannounced inspections. 


2.6  Holding Deposit   Every student must leave a $35 security deposit in the accounting office and show the receipt to the Facilities Director today.  The $35 deposit will be returned to the student upon the final room inspection at the end of the semester, providing the student has monetarily taken care of any lost or broken CCBC Peru items.



2.7  Guests   Please speak with a staff member prior to inviting guests onto the Bible College property.  Guests should not go beyond the volleyball court at any time.  It is best to meet with them at alternate safe public places.  All non-staff, non-residents must leave campus by 9:30  p.m.  





3.1  “Single-mindedness”  We strongly suggest focusing on your relationship with Jesus, academics, service and ministry during your four months of study in Peru.  Emotional relationships tend to distract and cause awkwardness.  We want to avoid temptation, carnality and broken relationships that bring pain and disunity within the CCBC-Peru family.


3.2  Twitterpation  If a physical attraction begins to develop, we want to help.  Please come to us for counsel, help and Biblical guidance ¨before¨ approaching that person of the opposite sex with your “feelings.”  At this point we will discuss your (spiritual, educational, financial and emotional) preparedness for marriage.  This does not mean we will approve relationships; on the contrary, students who enter into relationships will be dismissed.  This is for your accountability and future happiness.


3.3  Fornication  Any type of sexual sin will be cause for immediate dismissal.  This includes visiting pornographic websites.


4.0 DRESS 


4.1  Modesty  Appropriate dress is required for students at all times.  You will be spoken to and asked to change clothes if any staff member has to approach you about your clothing. Provocative, revealing or sensual tight-fitting clothing should never be used by believers in public. Tank-tops, midriffs and short shorts are not allowed at CCBC-Peru. 


Men, please consider your sisters.  Please do not go shirtless on campus.  Use bathing suits only at a pool, gym or at the beach.


Women, please protect your brothers eyes, thoughts and hearts.  Showing too much skin or cleavage can cause men to sin in their thoughts.  Use a t-shirt if you use a two-piece bathing suit; one piece bathing attire is preferred. 


The wearing of pajamas is only for the dorm rooms.


4.2  Bare Feet   Except in dorm rooms, please wear shoes or sandals at all times on campus.  Please do not place bare feet or shoes on seats or chairs as many nationals are offended by this. 


4.3  Body Piercing  Students are not allowed to get body piercing while attending CCBC Peru.  If you already have piercings, the staff will decide what is appropriate or not on an individual basis, and you will either have to remove them, or decide if you want to attend CCBC Peru.


4.4  Tattoos  Students are not allowed to get tattoos while attending CCBC Peru.  If you already have tattoos, the staff will decide what is appropriate or not on an individual basis, and you will either have to cover them at all times, or decide if you want to attend CCBC Peru.





5.1  Trips to Town:  For your protection, we suggest the following guidelines when going into town.  When possible, for safety reasons, enjoy going out in groups of three or more, or two of the same sex. Remember to sign out on the clip board with your name, time of departure, and destination. If you do go out alone, please take the college phone number and address. Avoid the more dangerous parts of the city, and do not take things of value you would not mind losing of getting stolen.


5.2  Testimony  Remember that your example and testimony on and off campus can make or break this ministry.  We are God´s ambassadors 24-7.  Please do not go places around town, like bars, casinos or nightclubs, that would discredit God’s wholesome Name.


5.3  College Vehicles  Because of insurance reasons, students are not usually allowed use of campus vehicles.  Please do not expect staff members to be your taxi drivers.  If there is room in our vehicles and we are going the same direction you are, we are happy to give you a ride—so ask around and see who’s making the next trip into town.


5.4  Taxis  The Bible College has a relationship with a reliable and reasonable taxi company.  If you need a taxi (especially at night) you can contact Walter at 944-389-058. 


5.5  Independent Trips  We ask that you not plan independent, overnight trips during the semester.  Students are expected to be a part of the missionary emphasis of the program of CCBC Peru. 


6.0 Intentional Sin


7.0  Food & Dining


Meal Times:


(Monday – Friday)

Breakfast: 7: 15 – 7:45 a.m.

Lunch: 1:00 – 2:00 p.m.

Dinner: 6:00 – 6:30 p.m.

(Saturday & Sunday)

Breakfast: 8:00 – 11:00 am                                                                      Dinner: 5:00 – 5:30 pm


7.1 Being On Time  The Bible College is going to do everything possible to have meals ready at the indicated hour. There will be no announcements before mealtimes, as each student is responsible to be present at the hour indicated. If there are leftovers after 20 minutes from the beginning of service, students are allowed to have seconds (after everyone has been served).


We want to be good stewards, so if for any particular reason you will not be there for a Bible College meal, please inform those in charge of the kitchen ahead of time, so that the correct amount of servings will be prepared. If you arrive late for a meal, it is not the kitchen staff´s responsibility to save a plate for you. The kitchen staff has been instructed not to save meals for anyone.


If you have a particular dietary need, please inform Natalie Kayser at the beginning of the semester.


7.2 Kitchen Use For security reasons, only the kitchen staff and assigned M199 students are permitted to be in the kitchen. Sharp knives, wet floors, fire and an excessive amount of people in the kitchen can cause disaster.


7.3 Midnight Snacks The kitchen CAN NOT BE USED outside of meal times. Going into the pantry or refrigerator looking for leftovers or snacks is robbery before the Lord Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth. However, you can enjoy fruit (up to two pieces daily) in the fruit basket which is located in the dining room.


7.4 Dining Room / Classroom  A small refrigerator designated for the student´s use will be located in the dining room to save perishable food (nothing that needs to be cooked). Please write your name and date on each item that is stored there and respect the property of others. Don’t let your food go bad. The refrigerator will be cleaned out weekly.


7.5 The Needy  If money or any type of food is to be given to people with need, this will be determined by the CCBC staff. It is not permitted to give  provisions or leftovers that belong to the Bible College.



8.0  Misc


8.1 Maintenance Shop  Only authorized people are allowed to enter the maintenance shop.  Please see Ted Howse if you need a tool and he will help you to sign it out and will speak to you if you forget to return it!


8.2  Sports Equipment   Please do not borrow any tents, volleyball or ping-pong equipment, without first obtaining permission from the office.  Remember that lost or destroyed items should be replaced by those who borrow them.


8.3  Broken Items  Please be responsible.  If you break a window or other Bible College property, please notify a staff member and help replace the item.


8.4  Keys  There are usually plenty of people to man the phones and open the doors so there is no need for keys.  Staff members are not allowed to loan or make duplicate keys.  For insurance reasons, there should always be three people on campus at all times.  Please do not open the door and let anyone on campus that you do not know; this could be very dangerous.


8.5  Toilet Paper  With our primitive septic system, it is recommended NOT to flush toilet paper, but to place it in covered trash receptacles to be burned.  Yes, this is gross, but hey, welcome to the mission field!


8.6  Water  Praise the Lord, we have an adequate supply of water but not an over abundance.  “Missionary showers” are encouraged, and minimal water usage is recommended when washing dishes.  Please advise the maintenance department when you see a leaky faucet or constantly running toilet.


8.7  Laundry    A schedule has been made for laundry times. Typically, girls will do laundry Mondays and Wednesdays, and guys will do theirs on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The staff has the laundry facilities reserved Friday through Sunday.  Be considerate of others, and respect the use of the limited number of machines and the laundry schedule.  If you go over your allotted times, this will adversely affect others.  Do not use the machines until Rose Howse has given you proper training.  For now, the use of the machines and even the soap is free of charge.  This privilege should not be abused.  Do not overload machines that would destroy them, or use too much soap, or we will have to begin charging a fee for the usage.