John Bonner has been serving on the Board of Directors as President of the El Refugio (The Refuge) orphanage since 2007, and loves the outreach and fruitfulness of this ministry.  Presently twelve children live in the home, while dozens of other children attend classes and are fed at El Refugio's three facilities in and near Lima.  In addition to ministering to children, many women's physical, emotional and spiritual needs are being met.

Enjoy reading the following updates on each of the children given by Doris Storz, the orphanage director, who attends Calvary Chapel Lima, and receives oversight by Calvary Chapel Bible College Peru.   This ministry depends on God's provision thru generous donors.  100% of the much appreciated gifts directed to El Refugio through the below "donate" button will be used for the sole purpose of meeting the needs of the children in that home.

Thank you for praying for each of the 12 children by name:

Mechita (4), the youngest of the twelve children living in Magdalena, will turn five in September. She is a very happy girl who is able to play all alone for long moments.  Machete loves to go to her kindergarten.  Daily she tells Doris, the director, a hundred times: "I love you so much Mami!".  

Samuel (7) will turn eight in October.  Samuel walked into a store with Doris where they met Lilliputian, an adult, who is smaller than Samuel.  Very worried he asked, "Mami, didn't she drink her milk when she was a child?"  Unfortunately, the shock did not last long, as she has a daily battle to get him to drink his milk and eat his food.

The Triplets: Celeste, Dulce and Blanca celebrated their ninth birthday last week.  They are cheerful and smart, but are still overwhelmed and unable to cope with themselves.  Right now they are doing great at school, but this isn't always the case.  They easily express their feelings, better than the other kids.  Often they tell Doris they would love to belong completely to her.  The girls have real questions and real fears, like when they continually ask what will happen to them when Doris dies.  Doris always leads them to the One who has the answers, because she does not always have the answers herself.  If they learn early that there is no safer place on earth than under the shadow of the Almighty, they will be able to defy the storms in life.

Blanca (9) Triplet #1, with her whimsical smile and her funny ideas is going through a good phase. She doesn't explode so easily as she did some weeks ago.

Dulce (9) Triplet #2, recently read Doris a sentence from her diary: "Thank you Father that I have a mother who loves me, we are twelve children, we live in the most beautiful house on earth and Jesus lives in my heart."  She is growing!

Celeste (9) Triplet #3, is looking for her identity and I often get her wrath and anger over her situation ( her mother didn't show up for years and her father came for one short visit after two years).  But soon after her outburst she writes me precious letters telling me how much she loves me. She needs so much healing deep down in her little heart.  

Lukas (9) is very noble and always ready to help; he loves animals and plants.  The adoption is nearly done, I am still waiting for some stamps, but in the sentence it says finally: Lukas Storz!  He is very worried about the papers even though the sentence about the adoption was written a year ago, the last signature from the chief justice is still lacking.  It is all about ineffective court procedures because of the incredible work load and corruption.  A good bribe would help things go faster, but God knows best, and all are waiting on His timing!  

The Twins, Angelo and Josias, could't be more different!  While Angelo paints flowers, Josias makes guns; while Angelo wants to become a dancer, Josias dreams of driving a tank!

Angelo (11) Twin #1, is often a challenge with his behavior; obedience is usually refused at first.  We need a lot of patience and it is very tiring.

Josias (11) Twin #2, is doing better. Both the twins are very creative and often have the funniest ideas!  In October they turned eleven years old! More than forty friends gathered together in Cieneguilla to spend a very relaxing day out in the country side!  

Steffy (11) is doing well. She works very well in school and is very creative too.  Stuffy carries lots of responsibility already, and is a servant who sees the work and does it.  She is very persistent.  The rare visits from her family always stir her a lot.  She hopes they become Christians.  

Julio's (13) laughter can be heard from a distance! He is still very playful for his age!  At school he is hard-working and diligent, but out of school, he initiates many pranks!  Doris comments:  "when I am alone with him, I find a boy with deep thoughts and a thankful heart."  He can't live without his big brother Angel. Angel is very patient and often helps him with tasks on the computer. Julio's love for order and perfection and Angel's endless patience are a very good combination! 

Rahel (13) is so social and very gifted in many areas--a little sunshine!  She was elected to join the worship team at Calvary Chapel Lima, and is an inspiration when she fills the home with worship and praise!  She practices every day and sings and plays all the songs by heart! Rachel needs to understand her limits and sometimes needs to be reminded to slow down.  She recently painted Doris a little lamb with his mother for Mother's Day.  She has never ever seen such a beautiful painting!

Angel (15) has begin attending classes at the Bible college, and has contributed much in his comments and deep understanding of the Scriptures. Angel is rather shy and cautious.  He thinks before he speaks, which is a plus among all the others who mostly just babble away!  His deep voice and his strong arms point out that he is becoming a young man.  He is a delight to our hearts!


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