Going to Peru was an amazing experience! It was definitely one in whilch I will never forget. The Lord molded my heart and stretched me in ways I never fathomed. He placed people in my life that challenged me in my walk with God and encouraged me to fall even more in love with Him. Within each part of Peru, the Lord opened my eyes and revealed new things to my heart. My life will never be the same after going to Peru. It was truly a life changing experience, and I encourage those who truly desire to serve the Lord to go on this trip.
— Tiffany Hamilton
Peru was such a great experience I don’t even know how to describe it. Everything about it was just amazing. God definitely changed my heart while I was there and He molded me. I wasn’t very excited about Peru at first but once I got there everything changed. The people are very loving and listen to what you want to tell them. I fell in love with the place and the people.

Having devotions every morning and being with people who loved God this much was such an encouragement. It was a challenging experience for me because I am a very shy person and having to talk to strangers and share with them the Word of God was a little hard. Being in Peru made me realize how so many people need God in their lives and how somebody has to go to them and share the love of God.

Pastor Rick told us that being a missionary meant having to be out of your comfort zone at times and we were definitely out of our comfort zones in Peru. In some of the places we went to, there was no hot water but it didn’t really matter because our main goal was to share about God to people who needed to hear it.

I was challenged in so many ways. When we were stuck in Moquegua I was not happy to hear that we were going to be stuck there for days but God was stretching me and molding me there because even though I did not want to be there I realized that God had us there for a reason and it was to talk to people. It was so nice to see the people there approach us and ask us questions, by the end of the week they all knew who we were, when they saw us walking down the street they would say, “there go the missionaries.” It felt so good to hear those words because they new what our purpose was. Even though we did not know what we were doing there, God knew why we were and it was all part of his plans.

I would definitely encourage those who are thinking about maybe going into the missionary field to do the YSOM program because you learn to appreciate things so much more and you get to experience something that is really beautiful. Not only is Peru beautiful but the whole experience is the best. I would definitely do it again and hopefully some day soon I’ll be back.
— Sharon Agulera, 2007 Alumni
My trip to Peru was the best experience I have ever had. My walk with the Lord grew very much. One thing I noticed while I was in Peru was that when you talk to the people they are really open and listen to what you want to tell them. In each of the places where we went, God would lead me to someone to talk to.

To the first place we went, Cajamarca, at first I was afraid of speaking to people but God showed me that if I did not talk to them about God they would go to hell. This really encouraged me to to share the Word of God to the people and to talk to them about the place where they would go to if they were saved.

A really challenging experience for me was when we were stuck during a strike in a place called Moquegua. It was challenging for me because I did not want to be there and I wasn’t listening to what God was trying to tell me. During our daily devotions I saw how people were getting close to us and I noticed that people in Moquegua really needed Christ in their hearts. When we left Moquegua I realized that if it hadn’t been for the strike the people that were saved would not have been saved. God definitely had a plan different to what we had were planning.

I really liked Peru and I would do it again. Anyone who can go should go because it is a great experience.
— Asa Aguilera, 2007 Alumni