We cherish the freedoms that accompany the wonderful gift of grace that Jesus has given to the staff and students at Calvary Chapel Bible College Peru.  With this freedom, comes great responsibility: to honor, protect and love each other; to live a disciplined life, and to respect the resources the Lord has entrusted to our care.  For this reason, it is necessary to communicate our expectations to the campus population through this Spring 2014 Student Handbook which should be read in its entirety and acknowledged upon acceptance to study at CCBC Peru.






If you own a vehicle in Peru, you will have to find an alternate place to store it.  Because of insurance and college liability, we ask that you do not give rides, nor loan your vehicle to other students.  Peruvian driver licenses are required after 60 days, and these licenses are not obtainable on tourist visas.  


"Love is patient," Paul tells us, and we ask our students to postpone any romantic relationships until after the 15 week semester. We hope our students would remain focused on studies and grow deep in their relationship with Jesus. Pairing up tends to disrupt the family environment we strive to maintain on campus, plus the drama of a feud or break-up affects everyone. Temptation is a concern, and our staff does not have time to monitor behavior, plus our testimony to the Peruvian community in this area is very important. The academic and ministry workload is heavy, and there is little time for romance.

For this reason, we ask that students go off campus in groups of three or more.  We want to avoid even the appearance of evil in the community to which we are ministering.  


Students are not allowed to adopt animals to live on campus.  While you may be passionate about your furry friend, you cannot not expect your classmates to share that fondness.

The fire pit is to be used only on preauthorized, special occasions, approved by the staff.  Permits may be requested at the office.   

Sport and game equipment may be checked out for free at the office and must be returned after use by the person originally responsible for requesting it.