1. What courses are currently being offered?

Course offerings change each semester and classes are determined by the needs of our accepted students. CCBC-Peru offers a growing number of live classes, plus a few recorded video courses for those needing certain classes not currently offered. Once you are accepted and notified of our class offerings you will be requested to "pre-register" for your classes by e-mailing the admissions department and telling them what specific classes you plan to take.

2. What about my textbooks?

As soon as your classes have been determined, we will then advise you in due time on the books you will need to purchase and bring with you in your luggage.

3. I understand you are offering the new modular, or "block" classes. Can you explain this to me?

Sure! Most of our Bible classes are held in the mornings, Monday - Friday, from 9:30 - 12:30 for two-to-three consecutive weeks. We no longer offer weekly courses on certain days throughout the semester.

35. Are there safety precautions I should know about?

As any major city in the world, Lima has its share of crime. We advise our students on safety issues, and precautions are taken. Thankfully, we are in a safe neighborhood. Students are encouraged to walk in pairs outside of the confines of the campus.

36. What rules at CCBC-Peru should I be aware of?

At student orientation at the beginning of each semester a thorough list of rules and guidelines will be presented to all the students. We do have curfew: doors are locked weekdays at 10:30 p.m. and 11 on Friday and Saturday evenings. Lights are out one hour later. For a more comprehensive list of guidelines, click Hereto see our policies.

37. What about dating and romance?

Because of the culture we reach out to, and the nature of our ministry, we maintain a very high standard concerning romantic relationships. We prefer that our students concentrate on studies and ministry and refrain from dating and courtship while at CCBC-Peru. We hold to a strict policy on relationships that all students will be expected to abide by. Please click Here to read our student handbook.