No Black Eyes (Job 11:3-5)

No Black Eyes!  (Job 11:3-5)

Snarling Zophar pounces into the ring with a ruthless verbal attack against Job:

"Should your empty talk make men hold their peace? And when you mock, should no one rebuke you? For you have said, ‘My doctrine is pure, and I am clean in your eyes.’ But oh, that God would speak, and open His lips against you" (Job 11:3-5).

Round two begins a tad ugly: illegal, below-the-belt, punch; hitting a man when he's already down! "Friends" can be that way; especially when you discuss religion. 

Isn't it odd that the very doctrines that are meant to unite us become bitter points of contention? Differing views over baptism, worship, communion, music, eschatology or spiritual gifts often build divisive walls. 

It is important to have strong, Biblically based convictions; this is vital! But in non-essentials, it is important to learn to respect other's opinions and practice love! Agree to disagree, and maintain that bond of unity. Love your brother for whom Messiah died.