Weigh your words (Job 8:4)

THOUGHT FOR TODAY:  Weigh your words!

If these are friends, I would rather be friendless!  Bildad, a masterful marksman, lobs an accusative poison arrow at the most sensitive area of Job's heart: cruelly attacking his defenseless, dead children.

"If your sons have sinned against Him, He has cast them away for their transgression" (Job 8:4).

You think you can take just about any injustice thrown at you, but when they go after your own flesh-n'-blood, well: "Hey, buster! Them's fightin words; my kids are off limits!"

Oh, the unfairness of his carelessness!  First, Bildad starts his accusation by saying "if. . ." He does not know what he’s talking about; he's obviously making assumptions; false accusations. That's just plain 'ol mean!

Job did everything he could to be a good father, providing abundantly for his kids and even going the extra mile offering sacrifices for his boys just in case they'd done wrong.  Going after his prodigy is going after Job: "you've been a bad father."

The most vile attack, however, is that Bildad is dragging our loving Father into this. He's become Yahweh's self-appointed spokesman. "God has done this to you, man! You are so evil, the Lord's done what He's had to do."  He blemished God’s gracious, merciful character; it would have been better to remain silent.

In one insensitive sentence, Job's cowardly friend slanders God, Job and his children! Oh that we would learn to guard our evil tongues, keep our opinions to ourselves, and speak words of grace, rather than hollow pronunciations of judgement.