Can you be Holier than God? (Job 4:17)

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: Holier than God?

Eliphaz, Job's "friend," asks a question that must have seemed absurd to the ancients: Can you be HOLIER than God?

"Can a mortal be more righteous than God? Can a man be more pure than his Maker?" (Job 4:17).

The answer is found in the New Testament which is more of a commandment than a response: "You MUST be PERFECT as your Heavenly Father is Perfect." Obviously, "perfection" cannot be improved upon, but we zero in on that fact that Messiah tells us it MUST be done!

Guilty, we hang our heads in shame reflecting on the stupid things we've done in life and we know we are disqualified. Yes! We have disqualified ourselves from Heaven because of our own evilness. God's law points a condemning finger at us and shouts: "the soul that sins shall surely die" and off we march to the death chambers.

Something happens on the way, however, when the One who loves us asks a simple question: "May I give you a gift?" 

Paul tell us this gift is God's righteousness, and he who receives it will live forever. Perfect Yeshua saves us from eternal punishment and freely gives us His purity so we can live!  "Free" to us, but it cost Him everything: His death on the cross paid the debt you and I owed.   The Passover Lamb sacrificed.

Joy floods our souls and we display a huge smile of relief, knowing that it is possible for a person to be as perfect, as holy, as righteous as our Maker--because it was freely gifted to us in Messiah.  How much do you value this precious gift, and how will you respond to Him for it in this New Year?